IntraVenous Solutions x Vibrant Meals

IntraVenous Solutions and Vibrant Meals are partnering to bring together top-tier wellness services and nutritious, ready-to-eat meals so you can hit all your wellness goals in Middle Tennessee!

How it works

Choose Your Meals

Select your meals from our bi-weekly rotating menu. Place your order before Friday, 10am, for Sunday or Monday delivery and pickup.

Select Delivery or Pickup

Choose how you want you want to receive your meals, delivery or pickup.

Heat & Eat

Our chefs craft your meals and portion them, all you have to do is heat & eat!

Supporting Your Health Journey

A key part of successful weight management is pairing healthy eating habits with effective medical interventions, such as Semaglutide therapy. Semaglutide helps regulate your appetite and decreases body weight, setting the stage for a more effective weight management strategy. When this is combined with the portion-controlled, nutrient-rich meals from Vibrant Meals, you set the stage for optimal results. The meals not only satisfy your taste buds but also support the effects of Semaglutide, helping you maintain a balanced diet and adhere to your weight management goals. This synergy of healthful eating and advanced therapy empowers you to take full control of your wellness journey.


We have ordered from various companies that send prepared foods or food ingredients to make your own meal. All were expensive and was disappointing. This is the first week we have tried Vibrant meals and we are so impressed by the quality and taste of the meals. Each meal we have tried has been absolutely delicious. I am so excited to order our next delivery.

Ellen A.
I was very pleased with the entire process! It was delivered in a timely manner which works perfect for my busy lifestyle! And the dishes are fantastic!! The meatloaf was the best I’ve ever tasted!! So far 3 people at my job are doing these meal plans out of 13 employees… So delicious

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