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Fillers in Franklin

The Art of Natural, Timeless Enhancements

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  • Consultation Required?

    No (included in appointment)

  • Length of Service:

    1 hour

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  • Results Duration:

    1 to 2 years

Unlock Aesthetic Harmony with Fillers

As your collagen production slows, your skin’s framework weakens. Declining collagen levels go hand-in-hand with declining skin health—your skin lacks the strength to maintain its structure as your lifestyle inevitably evolves.

This causes your youthful volume to diminish, leaving you with “sunken” features and sagging skin—without collagen, your skin can’t “bounce” back into place to accommodate its changing structure. With our custom dermal fillers in Franklin, you can combat these less-than-ideal changes in a pinch!

What It Helps

Thin lips
Undefined cheekbones
Receding chin
Under-eye circles
Smile lines
Sagging brows

How Fillers Work

Precisely enhance your natural features. 

Your skin relies on hyaluronic acid (HA) to maintain its flexibility, hydration, and volume. Dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid’s natural rejuvenation capabilities to kickstart collagen production and rebuild your skin’s structure.

We don’t just recommend fillers in Franklin for clients combatting aging. We also recommend fillers for those looking to restore balance to their natural features—highlighting their favorite traits and refining those they aren’t so fond of.

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What to Expect at Your Visit

Step 1: Get Started

We’re committed to making the most of your visits, so we’ve combined our consultations and injections for dermal fillers in Franklin into one convenient appointment. We’ll take the time to understand your skin goals, review your medical history, and examine the injection area to inform our customized approach.

Step 2: Receive Service

You’ll have time to get situated in a comfortable chair while a registered nurse prepares your solution. We’ll gently sanitize the injection area and use an ultra-fine needle to seamlessly restore volume to your problem areas, enhancing your natural features from every angle. This relatively painless process typically takes under an hour.

Step 3: Enjoy Results

After your injection, your provider will explain the aftercare instructions for expediting your recovery and maximizing your results. Some, though not all, clients opt to take a week of social downtime while they wait for any swelling or bruising to resolve. Depending on your skin’s response, your results can last up to 2 years without maintenance.

Before and After

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  • Before and after EvolveX

Build Your Custom Solution

Want to discover the possibilities of our skin rejuvenation techniques? Use our Virtual Consultation tool to get professional recommendations tailored to your goals.

Virtual Consultation

All-Encompassing IV Infusions

IntraVenous Solutions’ IV drips offer diverse benefits, immediately alleviating your current symptoms while nourishing your mind and body’s long-term well-being. Our specialists customize dynamic infusions to naturally enhance your energy, athletic performance, focus, and beyond. We’ll help you locate the root cause of your day-to-day struggles to provide the exact nutrients you need to thrive.


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Memberships Designed for Continuous Support

Looking and feeling your best is a constant balancing act. If you’re seeking professional help to elevate your day-to-day, a membership is a great way to save on maintaining your skin health long-term. Our monthly members enjoy up to 40% off select services and get unlimited access to our oxygen bar during IV infusions.


Specials at IntraVenous Solutions

We’re committed to making wellness accessible, so we’re thrilled to run a range of seasonal specials on our wellness and rejuvenation services. Browse our specials page for details on our current offers before they expire!

Specials & Packages

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About IntraVenous Solutions

IntraVenous Solutions is no ordinary IV bar. When you visit one of our clinics, you’ll quickly notice that we’ve adopted a unique approach to wellness.

As the Franklin community’s go-to for personalized care, we’re honored to provide unparalleled results powered by the most innovative technologies and ongoing, compassionate support. We tailor each of our services to align with your immediate and long-term goals, helping you make the most of every day.

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