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Semaglutide in Franklin

Take Control of Your Cravings

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  • Length of Service:

    8 to 12 weeks

  • # of Injections Needed:

    1 injection per week

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Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss With Weekly Injections

65% of people feel insecure about their body. At IntraVenous Solutions, we understand that weight loss isn’t simple—even if you stick to an exercise routine and healthy diet, your genetics and other factors beyond your control can limit your results.

Our providers are dedicated to lifting the veil on healthy, sustainable weight loss. We can give you a headstart on your journey with tirzepatide or semaglutide in Franklin.

What We Help With

Medical obesity
Health issues related to obesity
Unregulated appetite

How Semaglutide and Tirzepatide Work

Weekly semaglutide and trizepatide injections regulate your appetite by sending messages to your brain and body that you’re “full”. These formulas mimic GLP-1 hormones, which your gut produces to regulate your insulin and blood sugar.

Our providers offer tirzepatide and semaglutide in Franklin to slow down the digestive process, actively reducing cravings (and therefore “mindless eating”)—so that you can feel satisfied while eating less.

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What to Expect During Your Visit

Step 1: Get Started

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all method to losing weight. That’s why our providers begin every client’s journey with a consultation. Here, we’ll openly discuss your struggles, goals, medical history, and what weight loss methods you’ve tried before. Together, we’ll decide how tirzepatide or semaglutide in Franklin can kickstart your journey.

Step 2: Receive Service

Both semaglutide and tirzepatide are administered via injections. During your weekly visits, a registered nurse will cleanse your skin and expertly administer your injection to ensure the process is sterile, comfortable, and effective. We’ll track your progress at every checkup and make adjustments as needed.

Step 3: Enjoy Results

There’s zero downtime from weight loss injections. You’re welcome to return to your daily routine, including exercise, immediately. Many clients notice less intense cravings and more satisfaction in between meals immediately. As you continue to receive injections, you can expect visible improvements in your physique around the 8-week mark.

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Build Your Custom Solution

Interested in experiencing the ongoing benefits of our weight loss program? Use our Virtual Consultation tool to discover if you’re an ideal candidate tirzepatide or semglutide in Franklin.

Virtual Consultation

Complete Your Weight Loss Program with IV Therapy

Our comprehensive IV infusions naturally supplement your weight loss results from tirzepatide or semaglutide in Franklin. IntraVenous Solutions tailors our advanced IV drips to align with your specific wellness goals, improving your overall health while accelerating your weight loss journey.


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Memberships Molded to Your Long-Term Goals

At IntraVenous Solutions, your wellness aspirations are our priority. Our members enjoy savings on all of their services, discounting their investment in their long-term wellness. Plus, monthly members take up to 40% off select services and gain unlimited access to the oxygen bar during infusions!


Specials at IntraVenous Solutions

Our team is dedicated to providing affordable, accessible solutions, so we’re thrilled to run periodic specials throughout the year. Browse our specials page for details on our current offers.

Specials & Packages

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About IntraVenous Solutions

IntraVenous Solutions isn’t just another IV bar.

At each of our 4 clinics, our licensed medical professionals are committed to providing personalized wellness and rejuvenation services, empowering our community one client at a time.

Our medically supervised services are powered by proven technologies. On top of that, our team adheres to the highest medical standards to guarantee the most comfortable, safe therapies tailored to relieve your immediate concerns while supporting your lifelong wellness.

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