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Nonsurgical Face Contouring in Franklin

Meticulous, Natural Profile Contouring

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  • Consultation Required?

    No (included at visit)

  • Length of Service:

    1 hour

  • # of Sessions Needed:


  • Results Duration:

    6 months

Carving Confidence Without Surgery

Do you ever find yourself looking back at old pictures and wishing you could turn back the clock? We’ve been there, too. That’s why IntraVenous Solutions offers nonsurgical face contouring in HendersonvilleRedefining Facial Contouring.

Experience the cutting-edge innovation of InMode Evoke, a revolutionary non-invasive facial remodeling technology. Evoke utilizes advanced radio frequency (RF) energy to precisely target and remodel facial tissue, restoring youthful contours and tightening skin for a rejuvenated appearance. With its state-of-the-art technology, Evoke offers personalized treatments that address specific areas of concern, such as the cheeks, jowls, and neck. Say goodbye to sagging skin and hello to a more sculpted, defined facial profile with InMode Evoke in Franklin.

Used For:

Skin laxity on the face and neck
Thin lips
Smile lines
Under-eye circles
Sagging brows
Undefined cheekbones

How Facial Contouring Work

Evoke’s first-of-its-kind technology offers hands-off skin rejuvenation offering the best nonsurgical face contouring in Franklin—no downtime necessary.

During treatment with InMode Evoke, clients typically experience a gentle warming sensation in the treated area. The device utilizes bipolar radio frequency (RF) energy to heat the underlying layers of skin and tissue, stimulating collagen production and promoting tissue remodeling. Most clients find the treatment to be relaxing and may even be able to engage in activities such as reading or using their phone during the session.


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What to Expect During Your Visit

Step 1: Get Started

We value your time, so we’ve meshed your consultation appointment with your first session for nonsurgical face contouring in Franklin! After we’ve taken the time to discuss your skin concerns, goals, and medical history, we’ll determine the precise settings to power your personalized transformation.

Step 2: Receive Service

We’ll answer any questions you may have before applying the hands-free device, similar to a helmet. A registered nurse will oversee your session, alongside the device’s built-in artificial technology, to ensure a comfortable experience. This painless process takes less than an hour—perfect for on-the-go parents and professionals.

Step 3: Enjoy Results

After we’ve removed the device, your skin may take a few minutes to return to its normal temperature. Most clients immediately notice that their skin looks and feels tighter, and these results will continue to build as your collagen and elastin levels rise with every weekly session and your skin gradually rebuilds its framework.

Before and After

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  • Before and after EvolveX

Build Your Custom Solution

Want to learn more about our nonsurgical face contouring in Franklin? Try our Virtual Consultation tool to get personalized recommendations from our skin and wellness experts.

Virtual Consultation

Round Out Your Care Plan With IV Therapy

Looking and feeling your best go hand-in-hand. That’s why we offer a wide selection of comprehensive IV infusions. Whether you’re looking to naturally rebuild your skin, accelerate your metabolism, or boost your immunity, we have a proven nutrient-dense formula to align with your goals.


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Taking the Hassle Out of Ongoing Wellness

We’re dedicated to making personalized wellness accessible for the entire Franklin community. IntraVenous Solutions has designed our memberships so you can save on your long-term wellness plan. Beyond discounts on all of your services, you’ll also save up to 40% on select services and get unlimited access to our oxygen bar during infusions.


Specials at IntraVenous Solutions

Staying true to our promise of affordable care, IntraVenous Solutions offers seasonal specials on our wide selection of wellness and rejuvenation services throughout the year. Browse our specials page for details on our current offers before it’s too late.

Specials & Packages

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About IntraVenous Solutions

IntraVenous Solutions is more than an IV bar, we’re Franklin’s premier wellness destination.

Our licensed providers are passionate about applying their expertise in a meticulous, artistic setting—using our knowledge to customize your results through the most innovative, proven techniques. We take pride in our personalized approach and are honored to contribute to our community’s well-being, whatever your goals look like.

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