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Vitamin Shots in Downtown Nashville

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Wellness Solutions Designed for You

Feeling your best looks different for everyone. No two people have identical daily struggles and life aspirations. That being said, all human bodies need ample nutrients to thrive.

At IntraVenous Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping you become your best self, whatever that means for you. We go beyond traditional care, using your individuality to power our solutions, including personalized infusions and vitamin shots in downtown Nashville.

Infusion Add-Ons

Our wellness experts have developed these vitamin add-ons to seamlessly integrate with our infusions, offering yet another way to personalize your IV experience.

Vitamin B-12

If you’re on a plant-based diet, this B-12 add-on can provide you with a key nutrient most people get from poultry and dairy. Vitamin B-12 fuels DNA and red blood cell production and is vital to cognition and nerve health.

Vitamin B Complex

We’ve blended the precise balance of B vitamins essential for maintaining your nervous system and a healthy metabolism.


This nutrient naturally enhances your beauty by strengthening your internal support system to combat skin damage and nourishing brittle hair and nails.


Calcium isn’t only important for healthy bone development. It’s also key to maintaining your bone, muscle, and nerve health through adulthood.


By lowering your stomach’s acidity, PEPCID® famotidine provides rapid relief from nausea and combats stomach ulcers, acid reflux, and heartburn.


Toradol®, a form of ketorolac, is a non-habit-forming narcotic that attacks acute pain at the source by blocking the hormone signals responsible for inflammation.


From helping your heart beat at a healthy pace to opening your airways, magnesium antacids offer sustainable prevention from asthma, diabetes, and beyond.


Zofran, an ondansetron, prevents vomiting and nausea caused by surgeries and cancer treatments to simplify the recovery process.

Vitamin C

Boosting your vitamin C intake allows this natural antioxidant to trigger collagen production—streamlining skin repair and fighting off free radicals.


From your immune system to your skin to your metabolism, zinc powers all of your internal systems by giving your cells the power to grow and divide.

Amino Blend

Consuming all 20 amino acids that your body needs to operate at its best requires an extremely intentional diet. This infusion makes rebalancing proteins simple, assisting with weight loss, muscle toning, and more.

Mineral Blend

Maintaining a precise balance of minerals is vital to maintaining healthy bone density, balancing your hormones, improving circulation, and dispersing hydration throughout your body.


This natural antioxidant fights oxidative stress on a cellular level, neutralizing internal and external threats like heavy metals, peroxides, and pollution.

Vitamin Injections

If you’re in a rush or looking to make the most of your time while receiving an IV drip, our vitamin shots in downtown Nashville are the key to time-sensitive wellness.

Amino Blend

We’ve packed this formula with complex amino acids to retrain your cellular metabolism, accelerating sustainable weight loss while enhancing energy production.

Vitamin B-12

Every cell in your body relies on B-12 for DNA production, but this nutrient isn’t created in the human body. Our injectable solution restores your B-12 levels, enhancing your mood, metabolism, and beyond.

Vitamin B Complex

If you’re battling chronic migraines or having trouble losing weight, a B-vitamin deficiency may be the culprit. This revitalizing solution rehabilitates your energy at a cellular level for comprehensive results.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, helps your bones combat deterioration due to aging, cancers, and osteoporosis by improving calcium absorption.


This “master antioxidant” prevents internal plaque build-up to enhance circulation and removes toxins from your body’s systems to boost immunity.


Lysine acts as a stepping stone for proteins, playing an important role in preventing cold sores, diabetes, shingles, and anxiety by blocking specific cellular messages.


This solution combats your body’s natural age responses, restoring your nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) levels to fight mental and physical stress.


Combining zinc, vitamin C, and glutathione, this triple-defense serum fortifies your immune system’s defenses and optimizes your response to combat allergies and viruses.


Ketorolac injections target acute pain at the source, regulating inflammation to offer a faster, more comfortable recovery from invasive procedures.

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Our Commitment to Affordable Care

Wellness shouldn’t be a privilege. IntraVenous Solutions is proud to offer some of the lowest-priced therapies in downtown Nashville, opening new doors for our community.


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